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Faculty List  



Name of Employee Desgi. Qualification Date Of Birth Date of Joining  Trained/Un-Trained Probation/Confirmed Adhoc/Part Time
Ms. Nirmal Moudgil TGT B.Sc. B.Ed. 25-May-64 1-Apr-91 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Shiv Lata TGT B.A. B.Ed. 3-Sep-67 1-Aug-91 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Dishi Wadhawan TGT B.Sc. B.Ed 21-Mar-66 1-Aug-91 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Sudesh Kapil PGT M.A. B.Ed. 11-Oct-67 10-Nov-93 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Tilak Raj TGT M.A. B.Ed. 2-May-65 1-Nov-93 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Neerja Sood TGT M.A. M.Phill, B.Sc. B.Ed. 16-Jul-66 1-Jan-94 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Bindu Bali TGT M.A. B.Ed. 5-Dec-68 1-Aug-96 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Kushal Jaswal TGT B.Com. B.Ed. 11-Aug-70 1-Aug-96 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Swati Kahol NTT M.A. NTT 9-Sep-68 1-Jun-97 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Yogita Kapil PGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 9-Mar-72 1-Apr-98 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Narender Kumar TGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 1-May-73 21-Jul-97 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Sunil Sharma TGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 20-Oct-69 1-Dec-99 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Sangeeta Sharma PRT M.A. B.Ed. 23-Feb-64 1-Dec-99 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Munish Dwivedi TGT M.Ped. 2-May-76 1-Aug-2000 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Shailender Singh TGT M.Sc. B.Ed 22-Dec-72 1-Aug-2000 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Vandana Sharma TGT M.A. B.Ed. 22-Oct-70 1-Aug-2000 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Ram Kumar PGT M.Sc. Computer Science 13-Apr-76 01-April-02 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Parveen Sehgal PGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 8-Sep-75 19-Mar-03 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Davinder singh TGT M.A. B.Ed. 7-Aug-70 2-Jan-03 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Vipan Kumar TGT MCA 23-Dec-76 16-Aug-03 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Rahul Kapil TGT M.Ped. 11-Jun-76 21-Aug-03 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Poonam Khanna PGT M.A. B.Ed. 31-May-75 21-Aug-03 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Manju Jaswal TGT M.A. B.Ed. 20-May-77 8-Apr-04 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Sarita Rani TGT M.A. B.Ed. 19-Apr-75 12-Apr-05 Trained  Confirmed  
Mr. Rajesh Kumar TGT B.Sc. B.Ed. 8-Apr-71 16-Aug-05 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Arti Sharma NTT M.A. NTT 7-Dec-80 2/4/2009. Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Anju Bala TGT M.A. B.Ed. 2-May-70 1-Sep-05 Trained  confirmed  
Ms. Meenakshi Devi PRT M.A. B.Ed. 4-Feb-82  24-08-06.   Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Priti Kedia Librarian M.A. B.Lib 10-Apr-68 23-Oct-06 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Nisha Sharda PRT M.A. B.Ed. 6-Mar-76 24-Aug-09 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Ranju Bala  PRT M.A. B.Ed. 26-Jul-87 24-Aug-09 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Pooja Sharma  PRT  M.Sc. B.Ed. 30-3-1978 2/8/2010 Trained  confirmed  
Mr Pardeep Kumar  PRT M.A. B.Ed. 10/1/1984 2/8/2010 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Anju Kumari  PRT M.Sc. B.Ed. 29-12-1982 2/8/2010 Trained  confirmed  
Ms. Paramjot Kaushal TGT M.A. B.Ed. 3-1-1983 23-7-13 Trained confirmed  
Ms Renu Kumari  PGT M.Com., B.Ed. 18-02-1975 1/4/2011 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Sudha Rani PGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 13-11-1978 1/4/2011 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Anupama PRT M.A. B.Ed. 21-1-1979 1/4/2011 Trained  confirmed  
Ms. Deepshikha  TGT M.Sc., B.Ed 14/9/1983 26/7/2011 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Reena Lath PRT M.A. B.Ed. 11/2/1982 23/7/2012 Trained  confirmed   
Ms Meenakshi Vashisht PRT M.A-Music 22/10/1973 23/7/2012 Trained  confirmed   
Mrs Madhu Bala  PRT  M.A. B.Ed. 4/12/1976 17/10/2012 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Anjani Kumari  PRT M.Sc. Computer Science 8/3/1984 19/09/2013 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Namita Sharma  PRT M.A. B.Ed. 31/07/1981 19/09/2013 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Veena Kumari  PRT M.A. B.Ed. 9/4/1980 19/09/2013 Trained  confirmed   
Mrs Seema Saini PRT M.Sc. B.Ed. 5/4/1979 19/09/2013 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Prerna Mahajan NTT B.A. NTT 13/09/1970 1/12/2013 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Mamta Kumari TGT M.A. B.Ed. 26/01/1976 1/4/2014 Trained  confirmed   
Mrs Monika Dutta TGT M.Sc. B.Ed 25/09/1985 1/4/2014 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Babita Joshi PGT M.Sc. B.Ed. 15/02/1981 2/5/2014 Trained  confirmed  
Ms Anu Sharma PRT M.Sc. B.Ed. 18/9/1976 19/7/2014 Trained  confirmed  
Mrs Renu Thakur PGT M.A. B.Ed. 27/07/1976 19/08/2014 Trained  confirmed  
Ms. Rajwinder PRT M.A. B.Ed 5/9/1985 20/7/2015 trained   Adhoc
Ms. Ranjana Kumari NTT B.S.NTT 3/5/1972 4/5/2016 Trained confirmed  
Mr. Surender Sharma PGT M.A. B.Ed 01/11/1973 01/04/2017 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Trilok Singh TGT M.A. B.Ed 15/08/1982 01/04/2017 Trained   Adhoc
Mr. Tejas Sawhney PGT M.Com. B.Ed 21/07/1992 16/08/21 Trained   Adhoc
Ms. Arti PGT M.Sc. B,Ed 28/04/1990 03/12/2019 Trained   Adhoc
Ms. Shivani TGT B.Tech 19/02/1993 15/09/2023 Trained   Adhoc


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